Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First goal reached

Atocha the main railway station in Madrid

Now I can say that I have reached my first goal. I joined the Spanish floorball team UHK Madrid. In the the training there have been ten A team players and five women and five B team players. A team is training on the other half and women and B team on the other half. We are training one hour on Mondays and two hours on Fridays. Playing will cost 70e for the first month and 20e for the next months.

Spanish people advised me not to forget my back bag to train because then police will come after me. They said that someone will call to police because they are afraid of the ETAs bomb what exploded in the train in Madrid.


  1. Floorball is like football but indoor and with a little ball?

    Espero que todo te siga tan bien por Madrid-Alcalá como parece.


  2. Floorball is played with sticks and with ball size of tennisball with holes. 5 vs. 5 and goalkeepers. I will put some picture in the future.