Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Large containers of food

In each country you can find similar products in supermarkets but when you find some product in large container you can say that product is highly consumed in that country. In Spain you can find five liter containers of Olive or sunflower oil, in Turkey you can find five liter containers of natural yogurt and in Finland you can big variety of candies in 500 gram bags. In Poland sauerkraut is eaten a lot in different kind of forms.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bike taxi

Bike taxis waiting for customers
Piotrkowska is dedicated for pedestrians though taxis and bikes can enter to the street also. As Piotrkowska is wide there is space for bicycles in the middle and therefore you can take bike taxi or ride your own bike in the middle. In the main streets of Madrid or Ankara it would not be possible to take bicycle taxi because streets are so full of people that it is not possible to ride with bicycle in such crowded streets. A ride with bike taxi around two kilometers costs 1,2 euros in Łódź.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday song

Happy birthday song tends to follow same melody everywhere. All languages have their own lyrics for the same melody. For example in English, in Finnish and in Spanish version the melody is the same. In Poland happy birthday song has different melody. Meaning of the lyrics is also different. In a nutshell Polish are wishing a person to live 100 years in their happy birthday song.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Work for Finnish speakers in Poland

Today Finnish newspapers Iltasanomat and Iltalehti published a short article how knowing Finnish can get you a job outside of Finland. I got work in Poland because I know Finnish.  Knowing local language Polish was not a requirement. I communicate in Finnish with the customers but inside the company I communicate in English. Just by having a look on open position in Polish employment website with keyword Finnish gives 42 open positions. Working in Poland for Finnish people is not very attractive option as you earn much less in Poland compared to Finland. In daily life earning less does not make that big difference as everything is cheaper but when you want to travel you have more limited options.