Friday, February 8, 2013

Facebook friend requests

In Turkey I asked from few female Erasmus friends if they received many Facebook friend request from Turkish men and they replied that every week they received friend requests from Turkish men and they confirmed that they received more friend requests in Turkey than in their home country. I decided to ask if female Erasmus students receive many Facebook friend requests from Finnish men. They said that they have not received that many friend requests from Finnish men. Somehow Erasmus students seem to be a bit isolated from Finnish people and are not able to make friends with them. There might not be any Finish students in the same class for example. In Turkey I received more than 100 Facebook friend requests from Turkish people as exchange students in Finland receive less than 20 friend requests in Facebook. I think this is one sign that Finnish people are less social than Turkish.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spanish group dynamics

I had a discussion with one Spanish guy who have been living for few years in Finland. In his opinion Finnish are much more independent than Spanish. I have also noticed that Spanish like to be more in big groups than Finnish. I have witnessed during all the previous semesters Spanish forming one big group in Finland and in Turkey. But last semester Spanish exchange students did not form one big Spanish group even there were at least 15 Spanish exchange students in Kuopio. All the Spanish knew each other but they never formed a Spanish group. As there is not one big Spanish group I have been speaking less Spanish than in previous years. Often I have been speaking English with my Spanish friends.