Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nicknames in Poland

In Poland nicknames are very commonly used. To give some examples of nicknames: Katarzyna is Kasia, Alexandra is Ola, Jakub is Kuba, Joanna is Asia, Tomasz is Tomek and so on. It is much more rare to hear the official name than the nickname. Seems also that in Poland there are also much less variety in names than in Finland. For example when I look at the list of the women working in human resources in our company half of them are having the same name.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hollywood movie in a Polish way

This weekend I had two floorball matches in Siedlec. Our team is for the first time playing in Polish league called Ekstraliga. We traveled by bus and there was a TV in the bus so we could watch a movie. On the way back we watched Hangover. The movie was not dubbed and not with subtitles. The movie was made understandable for Polish by one narrator who repeated the whole dialog of the movie. In the background you could hear a bit the original dialog. Same monotone voice repeating men and women. Already dubbed movie is worse than with original dialog but a movie with narrator is even worse. I would never want to watch a movie with Finnish narrator. Subtitles is much better. I wonder if they use narrator only in Poland or also somewhere else instead of dubbing or subtitles.