Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hollywood movie in a Polish way

This weekend I had two floorball matches in Siedlec. Our team is for the first time playing in Polish league called Ekstraliga. We traveled by bus and there was a TV in the bus so we could watch a movie. On the way back we watched Hangover. The movie was not dubbed and not with subtitles. The movie was made understandable for Polish by one narrator who repeated the whole dialog of the movie. In the background you could hear a bit the original dialog. Same monotone voice repeating men and women. Already dubbed movie is worse than with original dialog but a movie with narrator is even worse. I would never want to watch a movie with Finnish narrator. Subtitles is much better. I wonder if they use narrator only in Poland or also somewhere else instead of dubbing or subtitles.

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  1. I think dubbing is the worst thing which can happen to the movie... Movie with narrator? Well, I'm polish so I see this way of translating movies quite good ;p When u understand the language of narrator's u don't notice the narrator. U understand and hear the orginal voices. Hard to explain ;p Spanish way of dubbing everything I consider as a mistake. I would say it is why so many spanish don't speak english at all. Ofc using subtitles is the best way, cuz from an early age children can listen to the orginal language (my slovenian friend learnt spanish and english this way)