Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eleventh match

We won yesterday match against Zona sur 6-2. Referee made a huge mistake by approving shot to the post as a goal. We had an extra advantage because our opponent had to play two matches yesterday. They had about one hour break after their first match before playing against us. Not very well planned schedule. In Spain lots of fouls are committed during the match and it is a bit frustrating. Referees do not know here the rule of continuous fouling therefore it is possible to make a lot of fouls. In Finland you get penalty if you are committing continuously fouls. I have to ask next time do referees know about this rule.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Floor of the bar

As you can see from the picture the floor is dirty and full of rubbish.In Spain people have habit to throw cigarettes, napkins and other rubbish on the floor. There are ashtrays on the tables but still people dumb their cigarettes to the floor. In the street picture I see often cleaners sweeping the streets in their yellow uniform. I have never paid attention that someone is sweeping the streets in Finland, I guess people throw here more trash to the streets and not to the garbage cans.

Do you have any stereotypes about Spanish people or Spain? Please write the stereotypes you have to the comments.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Student card

In my actual student card is also my photo.

Student card in Spain is really high tech card because it is a chip card and you can deposit money in it. Card is needed for buying tickets from the machine to get your desired selection in the student cafeteria or restaurant. Small discount is given if you pay the ticket with the card instead of coins. You need to also insert the card to the computers of the university if you want to use them. In Spain 50% discounts for students are not given from public transportation like in Finland.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two victories

Floorball match

Hello Kitty

Yesterday we played match against Marbella in Madrid. Finally I am able to upload photo from my match because friends came to see the match and took photos. we won the match 7-0, no goals or assists for me.

We won the price of the best costume with our Lego costumes. Nightclub rewarded us a hotel room for one night. One great costume was Hello Kitty who came to the second position.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My courses in the second semester

This form should be given to the professors

The second semester has began and I have decided my subjects. I will continue my annual subject human resource management. My new subjects for this semester are Economy of the company 2, international management, business ethics and culture, technics of international trade, sports and Marketing of services if there is space. One professor said that students are not allowed to come late to the lessons or leave before he ends the class but the professor have been late himself so far everytime.

Monday, February 15, 2010



In the weekend here was carnival and many people dressed up to the costumes. Our costume was Lego. I think that the costume was success because we were asked to pose with many people in the photos. We also tried to move in a robotic way.

On Saturday we had very important floorball match what we had to win. We won the tight match 2-1 and we are in a good position to fight for the second position in the league table. I scored one goal and missed a penalty shot.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sports day

Now on I will have sports day on every Friday. I choose a course from the faculty of physical activity and sport. The course is called Deportes monográficos IV and we will play there football and volleyball. After practicing sports two hours we have one hour lesson and some works to do will be given too. My two hour floorball trainings in the evening completes the sports day. Now I have four hour sports on every Friday like I had in Finland too.

There are little problems with course called Marketing of services because it is full. Erasmus students could not apply to the course because they cannot apply in the Internet like Spanish students. Erasmus students have to apply old fashioned way by filling a form. Before the applying by filling the form even started all places of the course were already taken. Erasmus students were therefore treated unfairly. Professor have been understanding and it is possible that we can enter to the course but lets see what will happen. I will later on post all my courses this semester when I have finalized my matriculation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About business studies

Entrance of the business faculty

Structure of the business career in the university is different in Spain compared to Finland. In Spain business studies do not include any obligatory language studies. Business career in Spain is divided to two phases like in Finland but after the three years you do not have to do any research project, you just have to pass all the courses. There is not thesis either when you graduate. Many courses have works and little tasks to complete during the semester. Final evaluation is usually based 50% to the result of the exam, 35% works and tasks and last 15% assistance to the classes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Party in a park

Spanish people go out much later than people in Finland. In Spain people go out around at twelve. Common way to start a night is to go some park and take few drinks there. This event is called botellon. Typical Spanish drink to take is Calimocho which is fifty percent Coca Cola and fifty percent cheap red wine which costs less than one Euro in Spain. It is illegal to drink in public places if police catches you, you will get fine of 300 euros. In Spain you do not get deposit from the bottles and cans therefore there is a lot of rubbish after the weekend in the parks. My Spanish friends are sure that Spain would be really clean if you would get deposit from the bottles and cans.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Security workers

There are a lot of security workers in Spain. Especially in the train stations there are all the time many securities. Securities also walk through the train to see that everything is ok. Once I saw a group of twelve securities chatting in the train station in the evening. Securities have not asked about my floorball stick or doubted if it is a lethal weapon even it might look threatening in someones eyes. I have been expecting that someone could ask that what I am carrying but any stranger have not asked anything.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



In Spain bars serve ordered drink with tapas. Tapas is something to eat, usually it is bread filled with ham, squid, cheese or something else. There are two stories behind the serving of tapas. First is that tapas was served to cover the drink in the class to prevent insects going in it. Other is that tapas prevented people to get too drunk. One very common drink to order is beer with lemon which means that half of the glass is filled up with beer and other half with lemonade. Price of the drink is the same even you would not like to get tapas. Bars without tapas are quite rare. One drink costs about two euros.