Tuesday, February 2, 2010



In Spain bars serve ordered drink with tapas. Tapas is something to eat, usually it is bread filled with ham, squid, cheese or something else. There are two stories behind the serving of tapas. First is that tapas was served to cover the drink in the class to prevent insects going in it. Other is that tapas prevented people to get too drunk. One very common drink to order is beer with lemon which means that half of the glass is filled up with beer and other half with lemonade. Price of the drink is the same even you would not like to get tapas. Bars without tapas are quite rare. One drink costs about two euros.


  1. It is not common in all spain!! just in some parts... in the part when i grew up (in the north of spain) tapas doesn´t exist, we just get some drink without any food and drinks are cheaper