Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two victories

Floorball match

Hello Kitty

Yesterday we played match against Marbella in Madrid. Finally I am able to upload photo from my match because friends came to see the match and took photos. we won the match 7-0, no goals or assists for me.

We won the price of the best costume with our Lego costumes. Nightclub rewarded us a hotel room for one night. One great costume was Hello Kitty who came to the second position.


  1. Hello Kitty is our friend too. And yes, HE is a man. =P. His price is one alcohol bottle, I think that is more useful than our hotel room (because we are 6 Legos) ¬¬

  2. Congratulations for both victories! great pictures! :P . Is it dani clemente the one dressed up in Kitty´s? It has been a while since I read you blog for last time....