Friday, February 12, 2010

Sports day

Now on I will have sports day on every Friday. I choose a course from the faculty of physical activity and sport. The course is called Deportes monográficos IV and we will play there football and volleyball. After practicing sports two hours we have one hour lesson and some works to do will be given too. My two hour floorball trainings in the evening completes the sports day. Now I have four hour sports on every Friday like I had in Finland too.

There are little problems with course called Marketing of services because it is full. Erasmus students could not apply to the course because they cannot apply in the Internet like Spanish students. Erasmus students have to apply old fashioned way by filling a form. Before the applying by filling the form even started all places of the course were already taken. Erasmus students were therefore treated unfairly. Professor have been understanding and it is possible that we can enter to the course but lets see what will happen. I will later on post all my courses this semester when I have finalized my matriculation.

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