Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to go to Prometheus Cave near Kutaisi

Inside the Prometheus Cave
I visited also Prometheus Cave during my trip to Kutaisi. This is an informational post in tourist guide style. The Prometheus Cave is about 40 kilometers from Kutaisi. You can reach the cave by taking a mini bus N44 from McDonald's, N34 from central bus station of Ktaisi or N30 from the red bridge to Tskaltubo. The mini buses to Tskaltubo operate every 15 minutes. From Tskaltubo you have to take bus N42 to the Prometheus cave but the mini bus operates only every 2 hours. Each bus ride costs 1 lari (0.4 euros). Entrance fee for the walking tour is 5 laris which is about 2 euros. The tour by foot is 1,5 kilometers long and it is taken in a group with a guide. There is also separate route which you can go through by a boat. The cost for the boat tour is 7 lari (3 euros). The boat tour is only available in the morning.

Monday, July 6, 2015



Last weekend I went to visit Kutaisi. 45 kilometers from Kutaisi you can find Martvili where is a beautiful place that can be seen in above pictures. There is a slow stream of water flowing through a canyon. The water is chilly so you cannot swim in it for very long. Locals were offering rubber boat rides through the canyon for 30 lari which is about 12 euros. If you bring your own rubber boat you can take your time and enjoy the place as long as you feel so. There were many Georgians visiting the place but I could not see many foreigners.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Touchy Georgian men

This is how friends walk in Georgia
In Turkey you see men walking their arms linked, but in Georgia you see men walking their hand on the shoulder of their friend. Georgian men greet each other with a kiss like Turkish men. Person who is not accustomed to such warmth might get intimidated.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Metro in Tbilisi

Metro stops

Long escalators to metro
There are two underground metro lines in Tbilisi. Metro is built very deep so you have to go a long way down with escalators. When I came to Tbilisi I noticed that the escalators to metro were moving faster than escalators elsewhere. As journey is very long there is no option to take normal stairs. I have good experience with metro of Tbilisi as the escalators and metro have been always functioning. One way metro ticket costs 50 tetri which is about 25 cents in euros.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cab ride in Tbilisi

In Tbilisi it is very easy to catch a taxi in the day or night time. Most of the taxis are unofficial ones but they have still taxi sign on the roof. There are many taxis constantly passing on the streets and you can flag down one easily. In Georgia you don't hop into a taxi straight away. First you ask if the taxi driver is willing to drive to your desired destination and then you negotiate the fare for the trip. Common fare inside the city is five laris which is about two euros. On the back seat I have been always trying to buckle up but very rarely taxis have had seat belts available. Here my post about taxis in Turkey.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to travel from Tbilisi to other cities in Georgia?

Meidani roundabout
There are many places to see in Tbilisi but also outside of Tbilisi are many places worth visiting This post is an informative post how to travel to other cities in Georgia from Tbilisi. Mini buses or cars do not follow strict timetables even though they have some guidelines. It is possible that they wait until the ride gets full before departing. There are four main places to take transportation by minibus to different destinations in Georgia. For example Six-hour trip to Batumi costs 20 lari and two-hour trip to Telavi costs 10 lari.

Station square
In front of the railway station you can find mini buses that go to cities in western Georgia. You can go to destinations like Batumi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi etc. There are many mini buses departing during the day so you can choose if you want to travel early in the morning or later.

When you step out from the metro station Isani already some drivers will be asking if you are interested to travel some city in Kakheti. You can travel to eastern Georgia cities like Sighnaghi, Telavi, Kvareli etc.

Near metro station Didube is a bus station called Okriba. From there you can take mini bus to Kazbegi, Gudauri, Mtskheta, Batumi, Zugdidi etc.

Ortachala is one kilometer from 300 Aragveli metro station. From Ortachala you can take transportation to places outside of Georgia like Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan etc.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Georgian bread

Bread called shoti being baked
Bread in Georgia is baked in an unique way. The bread is shaped in a long form and then put against a wall of a big pot. On the bottom of the pot there are hot coals. You wait until the bread gets nicely brown and take it out. Georgians like to eat the bread cracking the most crunchy parts by hands. Commonly the bread is enjoyed with cheese.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why traffic is unsafe in Tbilisi?

"Mushroom building" by the road
Traffic in Georgia is crazy and unsafe. In this post I will discuss some reason which makes traffic crazy and not safe in Tbilisi. There are vehicles in horrible condition in the traffic. Many cars have shattered front window, buffers missing, no seat belts and list goes on. Reason for the bad condition of the vehicles is that there is not yearly inspection for the vehicles which they need to pass. It means that you can drive with anything in the traffic as long as it moves. You see plenty of old Ladas and cars which have steering wheel on the right also, Pedestrians cross the road everywhere. Nobody searches a zebra road for crossing. When crossing on zebra road and cars are turning they do not give the way to pedestrians as in other European countries. One friend told me that he completed a driving license in Georgia by driving in a track few years ago but as the traffic in the city of Tbilisi is crazy he never dared to drive.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Culture differences between Finland and Spain comic book published

Today I published a comic book called "Timo & Fernando - Culture differences between Finland and Spain". Go to http://www.parmvoo.com/timoandfernando/ and download for free.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Different kind of churchkhelas
Georgia has own national "chocolate bar" called churchkhela. In some places I have seen it being called Georgian snickers. Traditionally churchkhelas are made of walnuts and wine grape juice. Churchkhelas are prepared by attaching walnuts to a piece of thread and then dipping it in a wine grape juice which has been made more condensed by adding flour in it. Then you hang them for drying and once they get more solid, they are are ready to be eaten. Both red and white wine juice are used for Churchkhelas.  In addition to walnuts also nuts and pumpkin seeds are used for the thread which is dipped in the juice.