Monday, August 18, 2014


On the top of Kazbegi, Gergetis Sameba
Today we went to Gergetis Sameba monastery on the top of Kazbegi mountain. This time traffic did not seem as crazy as in the first time even though our driver was passing constantly cars in front of us. The road was in better shape than between Kutaisi and Tblisi. In the last post I forgot to mention that cars are constantly honking the horns. Once we faced the road going up to the mountain with the monastery I experienced the most bumpy ride of my life. The car had to go really slowly because of the extremely bumpy road. Finally when we reached the top of the mountain the view was amazing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First impressions from Georgia

Today I arrived to the airport of second biggest city of Georgia called Kutaisi. My friend Ani picked me up and we took mini bus directly to Tbilisi. The road goes through mountains with great mountain landscapes and a road with lot of curves. Though it was hard to enjoy the landscapes as driving was a bit too extreme. The driver was all the time looking opportunities to pass slower cars in front of us, often there were 3 cars side by side even though there were only 2 lines and cars did not respect much the line separating two drive lanes. Luckily we survived and I have to say that taking train next time would be safer option. In addition to our race car driver, the road was also in surprisingly bad condition. There is an ongoing construction to make better road between Kutaisi and Tbilisi. As my friend Ani says the road to success is always under construction

Despite the crazy driving culture Georgian people are pretty hospitable. In the airport friendly Georgian security officer helped us to find right bus and made sure that driver would offer us something to eat on the way to Tbilisi.