Monday, August 17, 2015

Customer Service in Georgia

Georgia is not famous of good customer service. Georgians who have been abroad told me that Georgian customer service has room to improve. I experienced also few times bad customer service. In one restaurant the quality of served khinkali was bad so we asked them not to bring the rest of the order as just half of the order was delivered. Waiter said that the whole order will be delivered and it cannot be cancelled. The full order was delivered but we decided not to eat as the quality was bad and went to speak to the management. First the manager was understanding and promised to give some discount. A bit later another person from the management came and started to threat and insult us because we were unsatisfied with the order. I never expected that by giving negative feedback you would end up receiving threats and insults.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Night life in Tbilisi

DJ set in Underwheel
Tbilisi night life is different to all the previous countries where I have been. The biggest difference is the music. in Tbilisi there are no night clubs which play commercial music. All the clubs play rather minimal club music. Here dancing for commercial music is not considered cool. Night life is mostly focused on the area of Meidani. Occasional events are organized in Underwheel which is a place on a top of a mountain in Mtatsinda park. Most of the travel guides tend to mention something about possibilities for gays to go out. In Tbilisi Cafe Gallery turns to a club in the weekends and there you can find gay people mixed with straight people having fun. Nearby Cafe Gallery you can find Canudos Ethnic Bar which has international atmosphere. Cafe Gallery and Canusdos Ethnic Bar are close Rustaveli metro station.