Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ekstra league finished

League phase of Polish Ekstra league is now finished. There are three teams which are superior compared to other teams. The rest of the teams are quite equal but clearly behind the top teams. Our team ULKS Jozefina finished last by collecting 5 points. In the play offs we will face league winner MUKS Zielonka. Our chances to win against Zielonka are tiny.

I started the season as a left winger and played last 6 matches as a defender. I made 3 goals and assisted 5 in 14 league matches. Playing as a defender was more enjoyable because I could have the ball much more. Probably the stick handling is not the biggest problem of the team. I see looking free space and moving without the ball much bigger problem.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Some snow

Finally some snow which seems to stay more than just one day on the ground. I saw also few snow plows taking care of the snow. At least here they seem to be taking better care of the snowy streets than in Turkey. Though I noticed that here they use a lot of salt compared to Finland. Salt makes snow melt and therefore riding a bike was much more harder on wet snow than it would be on hard snow. Bike lane and pedestrian street was not taken as good care as in Finland so I think I will be using public transportation instead of bike when there is snow on the ground.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finnish language lessons offered in Poland

I did a little experiment by publishing a Finnish language lesson advertisement in one Polish website. I wanted to find out if there would be anyone interested in learning Finnish. I put double price compared to all the other language lessons offered in the website so I was not expecting to be contacted many times. I got contacted by three person who were interested in taking private Finnish lessons. Also two recruiting agencies approached me and offered me a job interview for a full time job where fluent Finnish was a requirement. I did not end up giving lessons to anybody as I have already full time job and I want to have also free time. Probably I could have started giving Finnish lessons if I would be ready to offer the lessons with the same price as other teachers who are offering private lessons in other languages.