Sunday, November 10, 2013

Floorball Ekstraliga Poland

ULKS Josefina
This year I am playing in ULKS Josefina floorball team in Polish Ekstraliga. In the team we are 6 players and a goalkeeper from Łódź and rest of the team is from Warsaw. This weekend we played two matches in Łódź against team from Krakow. We lost both of the matches (7 - 6) and (5 - 3). I am not very happy how we play as starting a slow attack is very difficult. I have tried to explain how to move to make it easier but in the match seems that nobody remembers anymore what I have explained. I feel a bit frustrated as  the team play is not working well. Here you can see the league table.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Unpainted houses

In Poland you can see many houses which look unfinished because owners have not bothered to paint them. Therefore in the suburbs you can see many grey houses. For example in the picture you can see very big yard, ugly fence, grey house and garage. Probably house looks nice from the inside but money has been saved by not putting any effort to the fence neither to the looks of the house from the outside.