Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving to Poland

The blog have not been updated very frequently in the past 9 months but in the future I have good reason to start updating more frequently because I am moving to Poland. I accepted a job in Łódź and the plan is to stay for two years. This will not be my first time in Poland as previously I attended Polish wedding and visited Gdansk and Warsaw. My objective will be to learn to speak Polish which I have now studied for 4 days. Therefore in the future I will be focusing more on writing about Polish culture.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trip to Germany

In Darmstadt
In Marburg

After the X anniversary of Campus Europae I had a chance to visit my friends in Germany. I visited four different cities (Cologne, Frankfurt, Marburg and Darmstadt) during four days in Germany. During those days I Met with six of my Erasmus friends who could show me around. It was great to see my friends and thank you very much for your hospitality. Here you can see blog post of Chencho about my visit.

Public transportation is expensive in Germany like in Finland so I decided to use carpool website to travel between cities. Also I had chance to enjoy 200 km/h speed in non speed limit autobahn when my friend took me from Frankfurt to Marburg. In Germany there are no gates when entering to the public transportation so anybody can access them even without paying. In Spain and Turkey your ticket opened gates to enter the public transportation. Basically it seems that in Germans trust more that users of public transportation will pay even there are no gates controlling who can enter.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I have now officially graduated from University of Eastern Finland so it is time leave student life behind. I earned also CE-degree by finishing my master degree, completing at least 45 ECTS in each of my exchange years abroad and reached B1 level in Turkish and Spanish languages. Therefore I have been invited to Luxembourg for Campus Europae 10th year celebrations on 7th of March. During the same trip I will have a chance to see few friends in Germany so I am looking forward for the trip. This will be my second visit to Luxembourg and my first time exploring Germany.