Thursday, February 25, 2010


Floor of the bar

As you can see from the picture the floor is dirty and full of rubbish.In Spain people have habit to throw cigarettes, napkins and other rubbish on the floor. There are ashtrays on the tables but still people dumb their cigarettes to the floor. In the street picture I see often cleaners sweeping the streets in their yellow uniform. I have never paid attention that someone is sweeping the streets in Finland, I guess people throw here more trash to the streets and not to the garbage cans.

Do you have any stereotypes about Spanish people or Spain? Please write the stereotypes you have to the comments.

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  1. That is something that I realized some years ago. When we did our high school trip to France and Belgium we were amazed about how clean was everything. I can´t understand why people don´t use garbages... I tell off my friends when they throw things on the floor!

    Anita cute