Thursday, February 18, 2010

My courses in the second semester

This form should be given to the professors

The second semester has began and I have decided my subjects. I will continue my annual subject human resource management. My new subjects for this semester are Economy of the company 2, international management, business ethics and culture, technics of international trade, sports and Marketing of services if there is space. One professor said that students are not allowed to come late to the lessons or leave before he ends the class but the professor have been late himself so far everytime.


  1. oh.... my glue was really useful!:P

  2. Haha!
    The professor sounds like a really standup guy :).

    Have you already started "business ethics and culture"? I would be keen on hearing what's that like. What do they teach about that in Spain.

  3. Actually I dared to say to the professor that he have been late. He had some excuses and now he have come in time to the two previous classes.