Monday, September 14, 2009

Nature in Spain

Marta and the brown nature

River in Alcalá

Park in Alcalá

Yesterday I went for a walk with Marta to see the river Henares. River is in the side of the city so we could see how nature is here. Grass on the ground is brown and trees are green. Therefore landscape is not green like in Finland and water in the river looked quite dirty.

In Spain people are afraid of stealing. For example Spanish do not leave bikes to the steets, you can not take back bag inside the supermarket and there are alarms in the vodka bottles. On the contrary in the bars and restaurants you always drink and eat first before paying. It seems that they are not afraid at all that someone would leave without paying.


  1. Well, I guess I could do fine in Spain, cause I am just as suspecting as they seem to be. :)

    You really seem to have a ball out there! I really wish I could see all those places in real life someday.

    What comes to the purity of the water: What I understand (don't base this on fact people!) is that in Finland we have in general really clean water. Maybe not drinkable, but at least visually pleasing if nothing else.

  2. Great to have comments from you. Here I can also drink water from the tap. I would like to know is your new life in Kajaani....

  3. Beautiful views you got there and great job updating your blog. I was hiking in sweden for nine days and now it takes like half an hour to catch up your news :)