Sunday, September 6, 2009

Traffic in Alcalá

In Spain cars do not have to be 5 meters from the zebra road like in Finland.

Alcalás streets are full of cars and it looks that there is never free parking space. Cars drive through the yellow/red lights but it does not feel dangerous. Sometimes cars have to stop to the middle of crossroads to let people walk who have green light. Drivers let people cross the road and even stop to let people cross the road when there is no traffic lights. I have heard sirens every day but I have not seen accidents. Walking streets are narrow so it would be hard ride a bicycle on walking street if there is people. I am hoping to find place where they rent bikes for free but so far I have not found it. So much more walking here than I am used to.


  1. I take you live in the heart of the city now? Sirens become more known when you live in the centre of the city, I'll tell you that... -_-

  2. I am living in the center but not in the heart.