Friday, September 4, 2009

First party

My tutor Ana

Yesterday night we had first party. It was arranged by Esn Alcalá in bar called Gabana and there was free sangria and beer from 22 to 24. Free drinks is something what you do not see in Finland. In the party I met Norbert, Julien and Marta from CE virtual language course. Earlier I have met also Przemyslaw.

On Monday we are starting language studies in different groups based on our current Spanish skills.


  1. tenemos que hacernos mejores fotos jeje ;)

  2. You don't see free drinks in Finland for a reason. :D

  3. Siinäpä ruma tuutori. Ei melkein siedä katsoa :D Kirjoitan suomeksi välillä, että et vallan kotimaata unohda...