Friday, September 18, 2009

Weather changed

Picture from the law faculty

It seems that the weather have changed permanently to cold. First weeks were always hot almost 40 degrees. Suddenly weather changed much colder. Now it is only 20 degrees. I could say that weather changed from too hot to cold. I preferred the hot weather.

Exam period for the Spanish is over so now library is quite empty. Spanish have a habit to reserve their seats when they go take a break from studying. They leave their notes to the table and go have brake of several hours. I could understand reserving seat for 30 minutes but reserving seat to several hours is odd.

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  1. hahaha, it's not that odd! it's just that we're lazy! and once we go outside, we come across our friends, start talking and so we don't feel like going inside again to keep on studying... of course there are people willing to study who can't stay because all the seats are reserved... those people need to go to the library very early in the morning if they want to find a seat. that's why I don't go to the library very often! :D But in fact there's a rule saying that after 30 minutes absence, others, or even the library stuff have the right to remove your things from the table, it's just that no one does it. I love your blog, it's o descriptive :) Besitos! Laura