Thursday, September 10, 2009

One week in Spain

Statue in the Plaza Cervantes in the center of Alcalá

The wolf of Alcalá

I am writing this blog post in the library which is open 24 hours during the exam period. I will get new flatmate on next saturday. She is Italian girl who my Romanian flatmate have met before. I have met here Spanish people which is great and not only Erasmus students. Tutors have introduced me to their friends who have been really kind for me. Therefore I have not been only with other Erasmus students. Seeing Spanish people really helps me to practice spanish because with other Erasmus students language changes easily to English. I think that I have been speaking here English and Spanish fifty-fifty.

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  1. Those Don Quijote statues are awesome! I even like how the statues have been build just for the posing.