Thursday, October 1, 2009

My courses in the first semester

Deadline to choose courses have passed now. All my courses in the first semester are in Spanish. I chose: planning of the strategy, human resource management, allocation of human resources, economy of Europe and environmental economy. I should find the person who has my learning agreement to inform my university about the changes I made.

Buying the food in the supermarket is much slower in Spain than in Finland. the line moves so much slower. There are few reasons for that. People pay here with cash and not with credit card. When paying with cash people always search for a while little coins to get rid of them and that takes time. In the evening cashiers run out of exchange money so they have to go ask exchange money from other cashiers and when they do not have exchange they just give discount. This seems to be problem everyday I wonder why they do not get more money to give exchange.


  1. But hey! At least you might get a surprise discount! That's cool, right?

  2. Yea, discount is always nice...