Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spain is still warm

Picture from my faculty

In the middle of September I wrote that Spain got cold but after for a while it got warm again. Here have been few short colder periods but today it was too hot to wear sweater outside. Weather forecast says that in Finland it is about zero degrees. Here have been only few rainy days on the contrary In Finland sky is cloudy and grey almost all the time in October and it feels that it can start to rain in any moment.

In Spain also professors swear in the classes using same bad words what I have learned by watching Los Serrano. I have also learned many new bad words which are common but were too offensive for the family series Los Serrano. I do not yet have this Spanish habit to respond by saying "joder".

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  1. jajaja the spanish word "joder" its part of our culture, as you can see, its not very offensive like other bad words, and you only uses "joder" with yourself. And Juho, be polite and dont use bad words in spanish like us jejeje. Bye,joder...