Sunday, October 11, 2009


Roof in the castle Alcazar

Cathedral from the tower of Alcazar castle

Knight inside the castle Alcazar


On Saturday University of Alcalá arranged free trip to Segovia which is about two hours from Madrid by bus. Most famous sight seeings in Sagevia are aqueduct, Alcazar castle and cathedral. The most I liked castle Alcazar. Especially roof of the castle in every room was impressive. View outside was good and knights looked nice. Castle had about one meter thigh walls. Stairs to the tower of castle were really narrow and people were going up and down with a bit more people it would have been nightmare.


  1. Nice pictures, but didn't you take any pictures from the roofs? At least I understood that you ment the roofs looked from inside, not outside.

    I also like how Don Quijote that armor looks, of course intentionally.

  2. Yea, I took pictures of the roof. In the first picture you can see a bit roof and wall just before the roof.

  3. Ah... Now I see it!

    I thought it was a display cabinet.

  4. I love how calmly you describe those awesome places. It is classic Juho :)

    "View outside was good and knights looked nice."

    I bet you were really amazed...:P

  5. =DD... Not too praising words. to be humble is great