Saturday, October 24, 2009

First match of the season

Today we had first floorball match of the season against the toughest team Leganés. We had 12 players and goalkeeper. I had played as a defender in two friendly matches before but this time I played as a left winger. We won the match 4-3 and I made one goal and two assists. Our team had lost to Leganés about five years in row which means that we broke about twenty match winning streak. Great to start season with big win.

Crowd was definetely more noisy than any crowd in my match before. I can see the hot Spanish temperament when playing. In every match there have been situation when players have had to calm down another player.


  1. You couldn't expect more from a Fin, eh? ;) Perhaps the "out of the equation" worked as an advantage here or perhaps you general cool temperament.

  2. Be carfull Juho, spanish players are very agresiv and we usually do "theather" to get a free kick(I don´t know if its the same at floorball), hehe, you have to be smarter than they :P, congratulations for your victory.