Sunday, November 1, 2009


Big Ben

Buckinham Palace

Aurélie, Sophie, Marie and Me

New football stadium of Arsenal

In the Halloween weekend I went to London to visit Aurélie and to see Sophie and Marie who came from Paris to London. We walked around the city to see sightseeing. There is so many things to see that we did not have time to see everything. Therefore there is good reason to go London again. Aurélie helped me to take pictures and showed how to cross the street always with red lights. I guess we crossed the street everytime with the red lights but that is how they do in big cities. Aurélie said that the group spirit among the exchange students was much better in Joensuu than it is in London. Sophie recommended me to visit Granda and the Pyrenees. Aurélie, Sophie and Marie got a lot of attention from the English men and they got in the conversation in different places. London was great and I was really happy to meet the French girls.


  1. Did you get any attention from the englis men? :)

  2. No, Girls received all the attention...

  3. Visit the wax museum if you go to London again. Heard only good things about it.