Thursday, November 19, 2009

Walking street

Calle mayor the walking street of Alcalá

In the center of Alcalá is walking street like in the center of Joensuu the city where I study in Finland. How these walking streets are different. In Alcalá there are a lot of restaurants and small shops like clothing, tabacco and shops of small products/gifts. Restaurants serve typical Spanish food and had tables on the street when weather was warmer. The walking street of Joensuu is heated so there is not snow even all the other streets are covered with snow. In Joensuu there are much less restaurants, shops are bigger and the biggest shopping center is on the walking street. In the middle of the walking street of Joensuu are parked a lot of bikes which you can hardly see in Alcalá. Both cities have sitting statue which are popular to pose with.


  1. post a pic of that statue plz, with a pose if possible :P

  2. I have already posted photo where I am posing with it on September, the post is named "one week in Spain"