Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Maps from Google

I decided to upload picture of the center of Joensuu and Alcalá. As you can streets in the center of Alcalá are going all the possible directions, it is like a maze compared to Joensuu. Most of the streets are one way streets in Alcalá. During the rush hour police is needed to guide the traffic in the traffic circle in the main road. Here are police of Alcalá and police of Spain but I do not know if they have different rights or why it is like that. Now I have experienced in Spain that Police will stop the houseparty and it is not only Finland where this happens like Spanish exchange students made me understand.

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  1. Local police have to control the traffic, disolves botellon, or come if you call cos you have seen a crime, they earn more money but his work is bored. National police works in "serious" crimes, they look for drugs or...I don´t know.
    PD: We have another police too, "Guardia Civil" they are controlling our roads and highways(alcohol controls,radars...), usually out of the city or in smaller villages. Sorry for my bad english jajaja. See you Juho.
    PD2:the streets of Alcala are better than Joensuu jaja,they are more natural.