Sunday, November 22, 2009

Floorball match in Marbella

View from the hotel

On Saturday morning I woke up at 7:15 because our team had match in Marbella and driving there by car takes 6 hours. The whole journey there was two driving lanes so it was easy to go past slower vehicles. We spent one night in hotel and returned next day. Rink in Marbella was smaller than normally and floor was damaged. Bad conditions did not bother us and we won the match 0-12. I scored once and made two assists. Next week we have home match against the leading team of the league.


  1. nise

    Meillä on säbäliigasta kaks tappiota ja kaks voittoa. Tuli fukseista aika kovia vahvistuksia kun sain ne kutsuttua paikalle.

    Ootko ajanu autolla ite muuten siellä ollenkaan?

  2. Vielä siis jatkopaikka mahikset elää. En oo päässy autonrattiin, mutta eipä ole poltetta ajaa...