Friday, August 28, 2009

Up in the mountains

Picture of Asiago

I got email from Alcalá. Letter said that there will be test of my level in Spanish on third of September. I also received email from my tutor Ana. Nice to get some email from Alcalá.

In Italy we climbed yesterday to the top of one mountain which has been battlefield during the world war. Unluckily the view was not clear so we could not see the landscape very well.


  1. Ok, tu blog va a mis favoritos ;-)
    Nice to see that between your goals was "eat churros and octopus" jajajajja...
    ¡Muy bien!
    Estoy deseando leer sobre tus "aventuras" en España. Quizás nos vemos por allí a lo largo de este próximo semestre.
    ¡Pásalo bien!
    Hasta luego

  2. Wonderful Juho! Wonderful!

    You have been updating your blog very nicely and how! Pictures and reports in almost every day. Keep up the good work!

    ps. finally got my net working, thus my recent "silence"

  3. Carlos deseo que podemos encontrar en Alcalá...
    Thanks for the praising comments