Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Asiago Italy

Journey to Asiago went well. I met some Spanish people and Italian man when coming to the airport. I had long talk with the Italian dentist who had made many trips around the world with motorbike. It wasn't difficult to find train station in Bergamo and train changes went smoothly. Serena came to Thiene to pick me up with her friend Michela. What a warm welcoming to Italy!

Today I went with Serena to see Asiago sight seeing and to the semetary build by mussolini (picture 2.). After lunch we drove to Bassano and met Marika and Valentina (picture 1.) there. It was nice to see them.

I have alrady noticed some differences between Italy and Finland. In gas station they pump gas for you and driving style is different. In Italy they drive right behind the car in front of them and drivers don't seem to care about speed limits. They drive how they feel. They slowdown to the curves and in narrow parts but when the road is free they speed over the limits right away.

In the evening we are going to have "notte nera" party which means black night

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  1. Haha! That Italian drivingstyle is very similar with my drivingstyle. At least the part about speed limits, maybe not the "hanging on the bumper". Seems that you are having a good time there. Great success :)