Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good bye Finland

Picture is from my balcony in Kuopio

Tomorrow early in the morning I am leaving Finland. Before going to Spain I will spend one week in Italy. I have long travel ahead. First I will travel by train from Kuopio to Tampere. My flight is from Tampere to Bergamo and then I will go by train to Thiene. Car ride to my final destination Asiago I should reach after 22:00. Most nervous I am about travelling by train from Bergamo to Thiene.

Serena kindly helped me with the travel plan and will she will also give me the final ride. I am really happy to see her again after long time. She also told be about nice plans what she have planned for the upcoming week. Anxiously waiting what Italy is going to offer.


  1. oehh exciting moment right now!!
    Hope everything went well and i wish you the most amazing period of your life with lots and lots of unforgetable adventures, parties, citytrips and lots and lots of nice people; just like I did in joensuu! ^^

  2. Hope u are enjoying ur trip Juho!! I miss last year... when I was preparing myself to leave Spain!

  3. Thanks... Nice to have comments