Monday, August 17, 2009

One week to go...

Next Monday I am going to leave Finland and I am really excited about my exchange year.

I started 3 month Campus Europae hook up language course in May and now it is finished. Course was good revision for me and I also learned something new. Carlos the teacher of the course was good and really helpful. During the course I got to know some students who are also coming to Alcalá in same exchange program. We used learning platform called moodle. There we had excercises, texts and links to useful sites. We had virtual classes in Wiziq and conversations in Skype

I have prepared to exchange year by filling forms to get student fee and fee for the rent. I have received European healthcare card, paid annual student union payment, bought new laptop and taken immunity against hepatitis. I still need to buy at least train ticket, camera and souveniers.

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