Saturday, August 29, 2009


Chiara and Serena

Simone and Stefano. Stefano looks small because he is sitting

Italy have been great. Serena has introduced me to her friends and many of them don't speak English, therefore Serena has been translator. I have practised Spanish with one ex-erasmus student and one forthcoming erasmus student. I wish I had studied a little Italian before this so I could have learned much more Italian than I have been now able to learn. Staying in a Italian family and going out with Italian people have been great. By knowing the language you could take even more out of it.

Italians do not eat only pasta. So far we have had pasta only once. With meal they have cheese and ham. Italian men fight that who will offer the drinks and they don't let others pay for the drinks.


  1. So I take you have had free drinks then!

  2. some, I tried Italian drink spritz. Each Italian came to bar with own car.

  3. Did you also fight over the right to pay the drinks? ;)

  4. Nice pictures, great scenery, historical sites, lovely girls, warm friends about pictures of the classroom ?