Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have watched two Spanish spoken tv-series with Finnish subtitles. Today I saw the final episode of Los Serrano and I was dissapointed to the end. I have seen almost all the episodes during last summers. Great tv-serie but was it just a dream. Other tv-serie what I have watched is Colombian Sin tetas no hay paraiso. I have seen the first ten episodes but I won't be able to see rest of the episodes because I am leaving.

These tv-seires helped me to learn Spanish and latin culture. Los Serrano definetely taught me how to swear in Spanish.


  1. Los Serrano also teaches to take a peek of other people while they are in the shower (did you see that commercial montage?).

    It's a shame really that Serrano ended, but then again it IS good that they quit while they we're on the winning side.

    Maybe the finnish "phenomenon" Salkkari will start at Spain!

  2. I saw the peeking episode but not the montage. I'll teach something about Finnish culture to people...

  3. It's all fine and dandy but please leave Salkkarit out of that lesson! :D

  4. Heyhey Juho!

    Now you will be on the other side.
    Foreign student instead of foreign student tutor! :)
    I'm sure it will be great!

    Have a nice time there...
    I will follow your adventures from here!

  5. The end of that last serrano-episode was a real "deus ex machina"-moment. Like I giant finger for the viewers :D

    Actually it is good, because it made me feel that I missed nothing in the last two seasons...