Monday, May 31, 2010

Living costs

How much does it cost to live in Alcalá de Henares? In the beginning of the month I took 800€ from the ATM and expected it to be enough to live one month. On the last day of the month I have 150€ left. I Spent all the money in cash expect the 25€ monthly payment of Floorball and I have to also include the electricity and water costs which I did not pay this month. This means that living one month costs 700 euros for me. What does this sum of money include? I have not made list of my spending but I am going to tell what I can remember. 300€ for rent, 25€ for costs, 45€ for la liga match entrance, 25€ monthly payment of floorball, 50€ public transportation, 12€ haircut and the rest 243€ mostly for eating.


  1. "243€ mostly for eating." and for drinking!!!!! jajajajajaja

  2. Somehow I was expecting this kind of comment.