Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flight booked

Today I booked my flight back to Finland. I will be returning on the 5th of July. First I will take four hour flight from Madrid to Riga, change plane in Riga and fly two and a half hours to Kuopio. My estimated arriving time is 23:00. Price of the flight ticket was 216€.

I could not find anyone to rent my flat in Finland and I do not want to be paying rent of two flats therefore I am returning even I would have enjoyed to stay more time in Spain. 35 days left in Spain.


  1. Let's hope that any volcanoes doesn't errupt before or while your flight. From Spain to Finland it is as long trip to travel by train or by bus :)

    Btw, Mira is going to be your new neighbour! Not next door but on the same level.

    And remember to visit me in Nummela since you are in Helsinki anyway...

  2. Yea, I bet that travelling by bus from Rome to Joensuu was not very enjoyable.

    Nice to get more friends to the Kaislakatu.

    Sorry but my flight goes to Kuopio and I will not land to Helsinki.

  3. T_T

    We have to prepare a great farewell party for remember lifetime!!

  4. Well, I have to stop by in Kuopio when you come (if possible, I have a summer course). We will have lots to discuss.

  5. I agree with Dani! we will have a great party. But I don´t want to think about you leaving....
    te echaré de menos.