Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reply to an invitation

When you ask from someone in Spain that would you like to come to an event next week you will get almost always positive reply. Finally when the event is you will see that the person you invited did not come and did not even advise you for cancelling. You have to always advise also in the same day about the event you told last week. Then it is possible to get a negative reply no matter how excited positive reply you got last time. In Finland yes means yes and you will get reply like I do not know if someone is not 100% sure that he is attending.

I remember that Spanish teacher taught us to reply for questions with excitement even you could not make it. For example like this, "I would love to come but I have to study". On the contrary in Finland it is common and just fine to say just "No, I cannot come because I have to study".

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  1. You have a point. Here people don´t like being direct, they prefer to say yes and tell you a lie than give a negative answer.