Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sports week

Beach volley

Students of physical education have organized an even called sports week where students for a team and play five different sports. I joined one with Spanish students who chose Floorball, beach volley, beach hand ball, beach football and prisoner ball unfortunately I could participate playing only beach volley and floorball. The team which collects the most points from all the different sports wins the competition.

Yesterday our team lost all the three matches in beach football, beach handball and prisoner ball. I brought my own stick to play floorball but the organizers did not let me play with my stick because it was not the same color as the stick of my team mates. Then I asked what if I bring a stick with the same color then they said that it is not still equal with the others sticks. They really wanted prevent me playing with better stick and made me angry. Then when the game started I could notice the strange rules they had created for floorball. There was not rink and corner shots were given. As you can see from the photo goals were really small but goalkeepers were still allowed. Goalkeepers were prohibited to touch the ground with knees or hands. Finally I played with bad borrowed stick of the university and we won the match 2-1. I have to say that playing with these sticks and rules was something unexpected. Tomorrow we will have a next match.

We also played beach volley today and won the first match. The next match we lost so we are only continuing in the floorball.

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