Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello hottie!

Yesterday Atlético Madrid won the Europe league and you were able to here some people celebrating in the streets of Alcalá. Some singing and horns of the cars but it did not disturb too much my sleeping.

People tend to greet in Spain by greeting "Hola guapo/a". The greeting translated to English means "Hello beautiful/handsome". I have heard this greeting in the streets when people greet their friends and in the market when salespersons are greeting their clients. I wanted to point this out because it is said to the people even they are not good looking. I just think that the compliment loses its meaning if you shout it out to the everyone. Well it is not good idea to shout all the good looking people that they are good looking if you do not know them.

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  1. Eventually you wrote about this, yes I am with you... it is weird. I don´t notice when I say it, I am used to.