Sunday, May 16, 2010

It is not hot in Spain

Library of the law faculty

The weather in Spain have been disappointment this year. Lots of rainy days, not many hot days and at the moment it is more hot in Finland than Spain. I thought it was not even possible to have warmer weather in Finland than in Spain. My friends have said that this year it have rained exceptionally lot. There is Spanish saying "nueve meces invierno, tres meces infierno" which means "nine months winter, three months hell".

Yesterday night I went to the library of the law faculty. The library is open now 24/7 because exams are coming up. The photo is taken in the mid night as you can see from the photo, people like to study during the night.


  1. Stop whining Juho... it´s getting warmer now :)

  2. yeeepppp!! It's hot in Spain now! =D