Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The most western place of Europe

This is how walking streets look in Portugal

Central park Eduardo VII in Lisboa

Five day trip to Portugal with almost one hundred students cost 125 euros including bus, room in hostel and breakfasts. Bus ride from Alcalá to Lisboa took about 10 hours. In Portugal we saw many sightseeing, visited cities Lisboa, Coimbra and Sintra and on way back to Alcalá we took quick look on Cáceres.

Buildings in Portugal were in worse condition than in Spain but Metro in Lisboa looked Brand new. Walking streets were covered with rocks size of a fist and not with asphalt. One member of our travelling crew was thrown this rock to his head in the night and spent one day in hospital but anything serious damage was not done. He was standing next to me when some idiot threw the rock. Lucky me that it did not hit me. I heard that also one camera and one wallet was stolen.

It felt strange not to understand local language even Portuguese has some similarities with Spanish. I just tried to explain in Spanish when I needed to say something for local people. For me Portuguese sounds a bit like Russian.

Trip was great. Atmosphere were in one point so high that everyone were dancing in the corridor of the bus.


  1. Interesting trip.

    The Central Park looks great. How long was it in actuality? km? m?

    Sad to see that idiotism is everywhere apparently, expecially the rock throwers. Glad you didn't get hit and also enjoyed your trip even with hic-ups like that.

  2. We didn't actually even walk park from end to another end so hard to say. My estimation is between 500 and 1km.