Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First book in Spanish


I have read my first book in Spanish. Original version of the book is written in English by Seth Godin and it is called Purple Cow. I read the whole book without using dictionary because I read it in the train when travelling to trainings. There was parts that I did not understand but mostly I understood. I have read also other books of the author and he have made me interested in marketing and even thinking about finding a own company.

I do not like the public taps in Spain because you can not adjust the temperature neither the pressure of the water. There is button which you have to press to get water. Tap gives water about one liter to wash your hands and I think it is too much. Automatic or adjustable tap would be better.

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  1. If I had to choose from two evils, I would like that button version more than an automatic detector. I hate how they don't really detect anything, unless your are waving your hands infront of them like a madman!