Sunday, December 13, 2009


My keys

Here I need three keys and there is also one key to the letterbox which I share with my flatmates. First key is entering the building, second entering the flat and third one I need to enter my room. In Finland I would be able to do all four things with one key and I would also have access to some little storage with the same key. Locks work here differently and I have had problems opening the doors. Few times I have not been able to open the door of the flat but luckily my flatmates have been at home and helped me to get in. I have improved my lock opening technique but I am still having little problems. These experiences make the products of Finnish lock company Abloy look quality products.


  1. Now I am not saying that I wouldn't be glad to just use a one key, but then again it could be more secure to have several keys to enter your home. After all, if you lose one you lose all.

    By the look of that key however, I guess you have to first push the door, then twist your hand to it's bloody limit, kick the door just for the heck of it and then, with your last strenght, twist the key.

  2. The Spanish are so complicated. Tuutko Suomeen joulux?

  3. ps. The wheelchair next to the captcha makes me feel like a retard.

  4. I am staying in Spain also during the Christmas