Sunday, August 1, 2010

Polish wedding

Decoration on the cake

Finally I have Internet connection after celebrating two day Polish wedding. The wedding party was great. The wedding started in the flat of the bribes parents where they gave their blessing to the marriage. After that we came down and bribe threw sweets for people outside and then we continued to a church where we had traditional catholic wedding ceremony. From there we went to the villa where was a lot of food and drinks offered. The whole night people danced for the live music. Also games were played which guests could participate. Party continued the whole night and on the next day we continued the party in the same place with the same catering.

260 people were invited to the wedding and 160 participated. This size of wedding is not considered a big wedding in Poland. Vodka plays very important role in the Polish wedding. There was reserved one half a liter bottle of vodka for each guest and band encouraged people to take shots during the whole night.

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