Thursday, July 29, 2010


Stadium construction going on 24/7 to be ready for the football Euro cup 2012

Shopping center

Warsaw have surprised me positively. I expected that everything would look poorer and more miserable but everything is in good condinition. Here are high new buiildings, renovated old houses, public transportation is working well and so on. In supermarket I noticed that beer is sold only in half an liter cans or bottles and the price level is lower in grocery store but clothes are sold with the same price as in Finland.

While traveling people have always started to speak me in their local language in Danish, Swedish and Polish. Then I have had always to say that sorry I do not understand. That means that in their opinion I look like a local. In my opinion Polish women look different than women and men in Finland or Denmark. They have a particular face and look very similar with russian women and men.


  1. Yes, but didn´t you thing that in Denmark, Sweden and Poland there lives people from different countries and they can maybe speak these languages.
    I think it is common that first try to speak own language even the anotherone look like foreign.

    Greetins from mom

  2. People spoke to me in Spain sometimes in English even I replied them in Spanish so I was treated more as a foreigner there.