Sunday, July 18, 2010

Botellón in Finland

Yesterday there was botellón organized in Turku. Seems like this Spanish event is well known also in Finland. Someone just created event in Facebook and then a lot of people found out about it and decided to participate.The event was reported even in the news paper. It was estimated that 5000 people assisted the event. The police was in the park supervising that everything goes peacefully and not giving tickets for drinking public like in Spain. Just the drinks of minors were poured to the ground. This event is just once in a year and seems like it is going to be a tradition.
For people who do not know what is botellón. It is an event where normally just friends gather together to drink in a park. Botellón was invented by young people in Spain who got fed up with the high prices of the bars and quickly it spread all over the country.


  1. Hello!
    This comment has nothing to do with the post, but i think it can fit here. I'm a spanish girl and i'm very intrested in the way people live in Finland and other countries like Sweden, Norway or Denmark. That's way I have found your blog very intresting, and it was funny to see the different things and your thoughts about them. What do you think about the differences in politics and the state organization? I'm very intrested in that topyc.

    Thank You!

  2. Nice to get comment from you. I can tell something about politics and state but I have not focused much on these topics.