Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back in Finland

Midday in Finland

Midnight in Finland

I have returned to the Finland after being ten months abroad. That was great time but now different kind of life starts with different people. My exchange period is over but I am still going to continue writing.

I snapped these pictures in the midnight and in the midday to show how much light there is in Finland during the whole day. I used the same setting in my camera and did not edit the pictures neither used flash.


  1. I am happy that you keep uploading your blog. This way I can know more things about you. :)
    I thought you would end the blog today...

  2. Welcome back Juho! See you in the coming weekend, I hope.

  3. Have a nice summer Juho, and continue learning spanish ;) . "La Facultad" will not be the same without you. I hope you will continue watching La Liga matches like you have done this year. See you, jefe!