Thursday, August 12, 2010

The goals I reached

In August before starting my exchange year I set seven goals for myself. I reached six out of seven. Goals which I reached were: learn fluent Spanish, join Spanish floorball team, see la liga match live, eat churros and octopus, earn at least 50 credits and meet Spanish people who I got to know in Joensuu. I am happy to say that I can speak fluent Spanish now and it gives me change to learn French or Italian more easily in the future. The floorball team where I played was UHK Madrid. I saw la liga match of Real Madrid live. I ate churros and octopus and many other new Spanish food but I did not try for example cocido. I met seven Spanish persons who I had seen before in Joensuu but I did not see them as many and much as I imagined before coming to Spain.

The only goal which I did not reach was to play field hockey. Field hockey was not as popular as I thought. I asked from people do they know any clubs where I could play but they did not know. I just got a chance to hold a children's field hockey stick.

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